After Liverpool's goal and the VAR snafu, Jarrod Bowen says he spoke with the referee. | soccer4u
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After Liverpool’s goal and the VAR snafu, Jarrod Bowen says he spoke with the referee.







Jarrod Bowen has discussed his personal issue with VAR and the need to eliminate human error during Liverpool’s struggle.

Liverpool-bound winger Jarrod Bowen has expressed his condolences to the club and hopes VAR issues can be resolved quickly after witnessing the error that wrongly allowed Luis Diaz’s goal against Tottenham.

The Reds made progress on Tuesday as it was confirmed that the club had obtained official audio from the referee and VAR discussions that led to the Colombian’s fully legal dismissal following a request from PGMOL yesterday.
Afterwards, Bowen – who has been touted as a possible replacement for Mohamed Salah if his upstream transfer links to Saudi Arabia are severed – detailed his main headache with VAR to Sky Sports.

As a striker, he revealed that he always makes sure to celebrate when a goal goes in and always checks with West Ham manager Kevin Nolan to get the green light. He was even worried when he scored against the Hammers at Anfield nine days ago.

“I ask him everything. I think I asked him last week about the Liverpool opener – I wasn’t off by any means but I just wasn’t sure,” admitted the Englishman. “You never know what it’s going to be pulled for.

“You kind of think differently now. I think unless you look around now and the referee didn’t foul or the linesman didn’t raise the flag, you know you can celebrate, but it’s almost like I’m celebrating for nothing here?”

Explaining how he saw Diaz’s goal after the incident, Bowen believes the VAR technology itself is to blame, although the top line must also act quickly to let human error continue. Liverpool’s ultimate goal after expressing the need for “increase and resolution” and now having the desired audio files is unclear, so it cannot be assumed that Bowen will support the club he has been linked with in this regard.

Although he too did not express direct support for the Reds’ investigations, he only expressed sympathy.

“This is an important point of discussion now and hopefully it will be resolved,” he continued. “We’ll see what comes of it.

“I think we all saw the mistake [of ruling out Diaz’s goal] and what happened. Of course, if that happened to you, it would cost you at the end of the day.

It must be disappointing for them [Liverpool], but going forward I think they can continue as they have been and hopefully clear the mistakes.”

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