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A look at the Vikings, the 49ers’ competition for the second seed



The Vikings have a one-game lead against the spirited 49ers.
San Francisco fans were probably licking their chops as they watched the Vikings shut out the Vikings 33-0 at halftime on Saturday, but the biggest comeback in NFL history kept the Minnesota 49ers ahead of the NFC’s second seed.

The 49ers improved to 10-4 on Thursday night over Seattle. They are one game behind the 11-3 Vikings, who won the NFC North and have a home run for the No. 2 seed, although avoiding a tie with the 49ers is imperative because Minnesota likely won’t own that share.

The division, since they don’t play each other, goes to the team with the better conference record. The 49ers are 8-2 in the NFC and the Vikings are 6-3, so there’s a good chance the tie goes to the 49ers and leaves the 3rd seed to the Vikings.

Vikings last three…
December 24: vs. New York Giants (7-5-1)

Jan. 1: at Green Bay Packers (5-8)

January 8: Chicago Bears (3-10)

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The 49ers take three…
December 24: vs. Washington Commanders (7-5-1)

January 1: Las Vegas at Raiders (5-8)

8 January: vs. Arizona Cardinals

The 49ers certainly have the more favorable schedule. The Commanders are good and the Raiders could be tough in Vegas, but the Cardinals are without Kyler Murray and fading fast.

The Vikings have to play a shaky but solid Giants team and then play cold-weather games at Lambeau Field and Soldier Field, and anything can happen in those games — especially when temperatures and wind chills come into play, as they usually do in January. . . . . .

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