A Liverpool player has a more "difficult" position in the new formation, according to Jurgen Klopp. | soccer4u
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A Liverpool player has a more “difficult” position in the new formation, according to Jurgen Klopp.



Liverpool defeated Nottingham Forest 3-2, and coach Jurgen Klopp discusses how the club is adjusting to the new shape.

Trent Alexander-Arnold has been used as an inverted full-back since Liverpool recently changed their system, and Jurgen Klopp has acknowledged that his team is still adjusting to this new structure.

The England international will move into midfield with Fabinho in this situation, with the Reds’ other two midfielders—Jordan Henderson and Curtis Jones—playing farther forward as of late. The Scotland captain’s role has also changed as a result of this set-up, and he must now be more careful about whether he attacks forward down the wing.

In Liverpool’s 3-2 victory over Nottingham Forest on Saturday, both full-backs will be credited with assists from set pieces. In his post-game remarks, Klopp commended Robertson’s comprehension of the new system even as he acknowledged that it had made his job more challenging.

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Of course, it slightly altered his role. It’s obvious,” Klopp told the press. “We cannot have one full-back high up on the left side and the other in the middle of the field all the time.

“That’s challenging, so Robbo has to assess the circumstances in which he can participate and the occasions in which he can overlap, such as at Leeds when he overlaps Diogo passes to Cody, Mo, goal.

These circumstances are still present. But in the opening seconds of the build-up, his position and role had slightly changed. He is a highly skilled player, however, and he is aware of when we need him to be present.

It was a bit of a mix today. He occasionally needed to be high, but it depended on the circumstance. The boys must develop the ability to correctly assess these circumstances and act at the appropriate time.

With Hendo and Curtis, Nottingham attempted to man-mark all sixes and both tens today. That made things a little challenging. Ibou was given a lot of time with the ball, but at first he didn’t utilise it very effectively.

“The next point is that Ibou had a lot of space and leisure. How can we aid Ibou in making greater advantage of these opportunities if an adversary is acting in that manner? We need to improve on it because this system is still in its early stages.

In addition, Klopp said that he wasn’t prepared for Diogo Jota to score twice in the 3-2 triumph. The Portuguese scored twice against Forest after breaking a goalless streak of a year against Leeds United on Monday night, with the second coming on a beautifully executed volley after bringing down Robertson’s free-kick on the chest.

Klopp was enthusiastic in his admiration for Jota’s performances at both ends of the field, highlighting the beneficial impact the forward’s return to scoring ways has had.

The German stated, “With the second goal, you can definitely see what goals do to offensive players. “They inspire trust. It was a fantastic opening touch. When you initially see him free in the box, it doesn’t seem like a big chance.

“First touch was excellent, and the second was outstanding. He had the opportunity to score a third goal in the first half as well.

“Again, that demonstrates how an offensive guy can participate in every single defensive situation while still posing a danger on offense. No if or but exists. Both are possible. Diogo is already doing it.

“That is what makes him so important to us. He merits that because of it. Having these good things after being gone for such a very long period is fantastic.

He played a crucial role in Arsenal’s equalizer, and after scoring two braces, he is currently in the lead.

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