Sunderland board blasted and told Frank Lampard won’t come under ‘worrying’ guidelines

Former West Bromwich Albion, Sheffield Wednesday and Leeds United midfielder Carlton Palmer believes Sunderland are risking losing players because of the delay in appointing a head coach.

The 58-year-old ex-England international criticised Sunderland for the time it’s taking to appoint a manager.

He has also questioned the club’s supposed philosophy of a manager not being able to sign the players they want, and not being able to bring in their own staff to work with. Although Frank Lampard is right up there among the bookies’ favourites, Palmer doesn’t think the Chelsea legend would be happy working within strict guidelines.

Speaking in an interview with Football League World, Palmer said: “Like I’ve said before, I’m repeating myself week in and week out. It must be very worrying for supporters that still, to this day, that they haven’t been able to secure the services of a head coach

“Frank Lampard will obviously be desperate to get back into the game, but he won’t want to get in under the terms that Sunderland want the head coach to work under – not being able to bring your own staff, not being able to sign the players you want to sign. It’s alright having a mantra that you want to sign and develop young players, but also for a manager, you want to be successful – it’s getting that balance.

“Tony Mowbray They fired Tony Mowbray after, in my opinion, striking that balance and coming dangerously close to being promoted to the Premier League. Although Frank is eager to start working, I don’t think he could do so under those conditions.

“Sunderland is a great football team with strong young players and strong support, but I’m telling you now, they could lose some key players. They have players on two- or three-year contracts, but they risk losing them in the summer since they won’t be re-signing them until they have a clear idea of the head coach’s identity and whether they will get along with him or her.

Since Michael Beale’s dismissal more than four months ago, Sunderland has been without a permanent manager. Additionally, it has been reported that certain Sunderland players, including Chris Rigg, have consented to sign a new contract with the team—but only after learning the identity of the new head coach.

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