Bromley football Club commercial office: A hub of success and growth

A message from our Head of Commercial

I’m bubbling with enthusiasm following the recent National League Awards Evening at Celtic Manor. I am overjoyed and grateful to the league, its partners, and everyone who has contributed to the National League’s success. The league’s strength and depth are extraordinary, and this is a credit to Mark Ives and his team’s outstanding efforts. I’d also like to thank Vanarama and TNT for helping to promote the league’s and its clubs’ profiles. On behalf of everyone at Bromley Football Club, I’d want to thank you.

In terms of our club, the future appears better than ever, and we are experiencing incredible development and success. The recent renewals and new signings of commercial agreements with prominent partners such as Judge & Priestley and Ultimate Construction demonstrate businesses’ trust and confidence in the club. Both of these companies have inked two-year agreements. This not only solidifies existing partnerships, but also opens the door to new opportunities and collaborations in the future.

One of the most exciting prospects for us in our impending first season in the EFL is the possibility of appearing in 20 live games on Sky Sports. This is a reflection of the club’s increased profile and visibility. This exceptional visibility gives a valuable platform for advertising sponsors and partners, exposing their businesses to a larger audience, and leaving a lasting impression in the football community and beyond.

The path from the National League to the EFL demonstrates our resilience, determination, and unflinching spirit. The club’s success story is about more than simply on-field accomplishments; it also involves the joint work of every member of staff from all areas. The shift to the EFL creates new chances for us and our commercial partners, offering an exciting and fulfilling future.

As fans, sponsors, and supporters of our beloved team, we have every cause to be proud of their accomplishments and excited about the future. Let us continue to be a light of success, driving growth and cultivating solid relationships that will catapult us all to new heights. With a promising future ahead, Bromley Football Club is prepared to make its mark in the EFL and beyond, demonstrating the power of cooperation, devotion, and unshakable commitment to greatness both on and off the game.

Best wishes.

Mick Livesey

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