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Reasons Liverpool Super Star Should be like Fernando Torres than Luis Suarez



Amid the tussle on the touchline, euphoria on the pitch and widespread delirium at Anfield as Fabio Carvalho secured a last-minute victory over Newcastle United, one scene also stood out.


Darwin Nunez took his place several rows behind the famous Jurgen Klopp and his coaching staff. Towering over the surrounding crowd, he punches his chest and roars with spartan fervor while staring at the opposing bench, sparking a showdown below.

It’s the kind of testosterone-fueled madness that any football fan loves to see from a member of their own beloved team, and at this point absolutely no one missed that young Darwin lives and plays with his heart up his sleeve.

The Uruguayan is incredibly competitive and while the post-Newcastle madness will be long and fondly remembered… there was a reason the perfectly fit Darwin was watching from the stands rather than leading the line and helping Liverpool to make a margin of early loss in internal taxes. Three long and highly contrasting games have passed since the £64million man showed off the red card at Crystal Palace on his full debut.

Torres, not Suarez

In Darwin, Liverpool undoubtedly have a hot striker brimming with potential and eager to impress. And now you’re desperately trying to redeem yourself.

Klopp faces the weirdest puzzles. The Merseyside Derby is ripe for the harvest when it comes to fiery tempers, crisp challenges and an excess of emotion. Liverpool, of course, must start shooting from the front line, with ferocity and consistency. Nine historic and record-breaking goals against Bournemouth were almost painfully canceled out by Newcastle’s slog fest. The Reds have to get back on the road and much of that depends on Darwin. How he chooses to settle into his he was at Liverpool will be crucial.

So with that said, it makes sense that the new guy naturally becomes Kop’s new darling in the form of his compatriot Luis Suarez, right?

There are all the signs, the connections, the rosy reflections of a nostalgic past; imposing striker, Uruguayan street grit, the eagerness to fight, the extraordinary skill of the show and the ability to summon magic out of thin air?

Maybe, but that’s not what Liverpool need from Darwin Nunez. Liverpool from 2011-2014 needed this from Luis Suarez and it nearly propelled them into a whirlwind race to greatness.

But that red side of the past pales to nothing compared to today’s beast. Liverpool in the pre-Klopp era were largely unbalanced, unaware and above all unprepared to face the world.

Simply put, he didn’t know how, nor did he have the resources. Suarez, in his heyday in Merseyside, forged himself in the flames of a struggling team that had prospects but needed a maverick to carry the all-powerful burden himself.

Sadly, Darwin may idolize Suarez and have frequent contact with the Liverpool icon, but he is another extraordinary former titan that the youngster must now emulate. Liverpool today need Darwin Nunez to follow in Fernando Torres’ footsteps. 

Torres, like Suarez, will always divide opinion on Merseyside, but it can never be denied that his redshirt magic created a brief era when the Reds were a formidable force to be worshipped.

Torres, like Suarez, was sent off from sideline to sideline by opposing defenders every week; At home, on the road and abroad. The lucky few who were physically able to come within five meters left their mark again and again. In the end it wouldn’t matter.

The number of times Torres lost his rag and went to war with his opponents could be counted on one hand. It didn’t happen just because it wasn’t necessary. The long-haired assassin continued to respond with his football as his goal after the clinical goal tore apart hapless rivals in every format imaginable.

Unlike Suarez, Torres arrived at Anfield already known for his crisp, clean finish. Do you remember Suarez’s early days and his remarkable tendency to keep banging on the woodwork?

While Suarez grew into the one-man wrecking ball role and was at times the most successful player in world football, Torres took a different approach. Torres capitalized on Steven Gerrard’s gift at the peak of his midfield powers, honing his style and taking his reckless goalscorer to the next level. In fact, especially to take on the role of the most successful striker in one of Europe’s top five leagues.

Every weekend “El Nino” was shot with elbows, knees and shirt. But it didn’t matter – just ask Nemanja Vidic or Rio Ferdinand. Torres undoubtedly had a temper, but he was never in danger of overflowing. He was too busy scoring and carrying out the one task required of him with devastating effects.

Darwin – despite all his myriad similarities to Suarez – must now do the same and emulate his longtime Spanish colleague forerunner.

This part of Liverpool now has players like Thiago, Mo Salah and Trent Alexander-Arnold; some of the most creative and prolific minds of the past decade. These individuals can and will be the creative spark for Darwin as Gerrard was for Torres.

Klopp, Liverpool fans and the world of football in general were treated firsthand to Darwin’s finishing skills last season, when then-Benfica No. 9 delightfully tipped the ball over Alisson Becker to finish on the Champions League podium. Goal, movement and spatial awareness are very present. It is important to point out that this has always been the case. That precious and innate skill so sought after and rare among modern forwards, and precisely because Liverpool have accepted a transfer package that could exceed £ 80 million.

And so, weeks after his crazy moment of being upset by Joachim Andersen, it’s time to start over.

Klopp wasted no time in condemning Darwin’s action during the Crystal Palace collapse and made it clear that the newcomer had disappointed his teammates. The public expression of remorse that followed was both expected and very sincere.

“Every time I give him a high five, I also give him a pat on the neck so he doesn’t forget!” the boss joked during Friday’s press conference.

Darwin now has a few weeks to think about his return. On what is required of him, on what and who he needs to be to really keep this Liverpool team at the top.

His roar on the wing amidst the sound of Newcastle’s heartbreak may have been very Suarez in nature, but Torres should be the draft from now on. When it comes to redemption shots for Liverpool players, few stages are better prepared than derby day at Goodison Park. The hero status already beckons


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