5 Most disastrous moves Arturas has made for the Chicago Bulls
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5 Most disastrous moves Arturas has made for the Chicago Bulls



The Chicago Bulls’ running joke for the past few seasons has been that Arturas Karnisovas has been sleeping at the wheel.

The Bulls’ front-office boss has done almost nothing to enhance the team in the last three seasons and has not completed a meaningful deal since 2021.

He has made some fantastic decisions during his career, including drafting Ayo Dosunmu, signing Alex Caruso, and bringing in DeMar DeRozan and Lonzo Ball through trades. While Ball hasn’t worked out for the Bulls and has a history of ailments, it was a risk worth taking because they gave up almost nothing to acquire him.

He’s made some good borderline decisions, such as signing Andre Drummond, but he’s also squandered multiple later round picks and allowed players like Derrick Jones Jr to go undrafted.

However, any benefit has been undone by five moves that have contributed to the Chicago Bulls’ current status as an aging, mediocre club with few opportunities for improvement. Let’s take a look at them in order of team damage.

5 Most disastrous moves Arturas Karnisovas has made for the Chicago Bulls

#5: Drafting Patrick Williams 4th in the 2020 NBA Draft

This wasn’t a franchise-ending move, but the Bulls did pass up an opportunity to add elite talent to their team in 2020 by selecting Patrick Williams with the fourth pick, which many considered a gamble at the time.

The Bulls had not picked in the top four since 2008, when Derrick Rose was taken first, and Karnisovas blew it with this selection. You can’t blame him too much, given how bad the 2020 Draft was, with certified busts and average talents populating the top 10.

However, there were some excellent players, notably Tyrese Haliburton and Tyrese Maxey, who finished 12th and 21st, respectively. Even Isaiah Stewart, who is essentially a role player, has outperformed Williams thus far, indicating that the Bulls possessed talent.

If the Bulls do not satisfy Williams’ outrageous contract demands, he will be able to depart for free. Missing out on a top-4 choice is one way to derail a franchise, and the Bulls squandered a golden opportunity here.


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