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49ers’ Nick Bosa reveals what separates Jordan Love from Aaron Rodgers in Packers offens



In the NFL Playoffs Divisional round, the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers will square off.

The Packers have come as a bit of a surprise, but the 49ers were predicted to be here after continuing their winning ways from the previous year. In his debut season as a starter, quarterback Jordan Love has performed admirably and has the squad playing strong football.

However, what sets Love apart from former Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers? The 49ers’ Nick Bosa provided the following response to the query, per KNBR:

The Packers have “a quarterback who does exactly what he’s coached to do,” according to Bosa. Although Aaron Rodgers is an incredible Hall of Famer, he kind of stepped outside the bounds of coaching, and sometimes it’s best to have a player who follows the instructions given to him.

The 49ers are firmly positioned against Green Bay. When Green Bay was dominating Dallas in their first-round game, head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke of his attention on the Packers.

But what distinguishes Love from Aaron Rodgers, the former quarterback for the Packers? According to KNBR, Nick Bosa of the 49ers responded to the question as follows:

Bosa said that the Packers had “a quarterback who does exactly what he’s coached to do.” While Aaron Rodgers is undoubtedly a Hall of Famer, at times it’s preferable to have a player that obeys the coach’s directions since he kind of went outside the lines of teaching.

The 49ers have a strong defensive alignment with Green Bay. Head coach Kyle Shanahan mentioned his focus on the Packers as Green Bay was stomping all over Dallas in their first-round encounter.
Shanahan: “We were practicing that day since we were already at this location. We had touched up a few teams early in the week, but midway through the second quarter, we really turned our attention to the Packers. I kind of played both at halftime and then in the third quarter, I was focused on just one team, when they scored at the conclusion of the second quarter.

The 49ers received some positive news on Tuesday prior to the game: Christian McCaffrey participated fully in practice following his minor injury.


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