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66 percent of 49ers fans believe not trading for a cornerback was a mistake



The 49ers secondary was expected to improve once Steve Wilks was appointed defensive coordinator. Sadly, the secondary and the defense as a whole have fallen short of expectations after eight weeks. The 49ers strengthened their pass rush with the addition of Chase Young at the trade deadline, but most 49ers supporters think the team will regret not pursuing a cornerback.

Wilks and the team had the ideal opportunity to reorganize and make adjustments during the bye week. In addition to the modifications to the scheme, Wilks will now coach the defense from the sidelines, allowing him to better interact with his players and make adjustments. Wilks lacks vigor and enthusiasm, but cooperation will be simpler if players contribute.

The issue then becomes: Did the 49ers lose out on a cornerback or were unsuccessful in their pursuit of one? Though it’s unclear which ones the 49ers were in on, reports suggest they were on one. The defense would be strengthened by adding a starting outside cornerback, but the team was unable to reach an agreement.

Sixty-six percent of 49ers supporters are dissatisfied that the team did not sign a cornerback. Still, 61 percent of 49ers supporters gave the deal for Chase Young a “A.” A total of 35% of respondents gave the trade a “B” grade, while 4% gave it a “C.”

The teams’ direction is perceived with greater certainty. Prior to the Young deal last week, the confidence level of 49ers supporters was roughly 50%. That percentage has risen to 72% this week. I guess adding a standout pass rusher will do that.

On Sunday, the team faces a formidable test in Jacksonville. Gaining a victory will help the supporter base believe that this club has made a change in direction. Sunday must be the start of it.


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