"£10m to £15m for him" - Sheffield United lists four players . . .
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“£10m to £15m for him” – Sheffield United lists four players for transfer.



According to reports this week, four Blades players were made available for transfer immediately following their relegation from the top division.

Despite being a Premier League team and enjoying the reputation and resources that come with it, the Blades have had an extremely difficult season on the pitch.

Unfortunately, neither Paul Heckingbottom nor Chris Wilder were able to elicit the necessary response from the squad to qualify as real survival candidates.

As a result, after finishing 20th, they were relegated to the Championship, breaking an undesirable Premier League record for goals surrendered along the way and finishing with only 16 points.

Sheffield United set to cash in on quartet

Following relegation, Chris Wilder’s side will undoubtedly undergo significant changes this summer, with recent reports indicating that four Blades players are already on the market.

According to Alan Nixon on Patreon, Anel Ahmedhodzic, Anis Slimane, Vini Souza, and Beni Traore will all be made available immediately following the club’s promotion to the Championship league.

Ahmedhodzic is the only member of that quartet to have appeared in the Blades’ promotion-winning season in 2023/24, although Nixon believes he has been cleared to move on after attempting to leave in previous windows.

Slimane, Souza, and Traore all arrived at Bramall Lane following their promotion, but they will now be moved on after failing to make an impact in the top flight.

Sheffield United fan pundit backs club sales

With the aforementioned news in mind, we wanted to know what Sheffield United fans thought about those four players being made available for sale.

To gain more information, we asked FLW’s Sheffield United fan pundit Owain Wyse for his thoughts on the subject.

“I think we all expected Ahmedhodzic to leave, so the news is not surprising,” Owain explained to FLW.

“I think whilst he’s obviously a talent, if we can get £10m to £15m for him, and use that to replace him and then maybe strengthen in one or two other positions as well, it’s the right thing to do.

“I don’t really think Anel’s head or heart has been in it for last four or five weeks, he’s looked lethargic and a bit like he’s just going through the motions, waiting for a move away. The red card versus Forest really epitomises that.

“We can’t be keeping players who don’t want to be here, so yeah, I’d be happy to let him go.”

Owain then focused on the other three players mentioned above, explaining:

“Souza is similar in a few ways. He’s clearly a talent, but he just spends so often blaming everybody else for his mistakes and then during games as well, he just gets bypassed so often.”

“Fans have started to turn on him as well. He was booed onto the field at home against Forest. Like Anel, he doesn’t want to be here, he seems to have made that clear and I think if we can get back what we paid for him, whilst he would be a good player in the Championship, I’m happy to let him go.”

“Slimane, Traore, I have no idea why we bought him to be honest,” Owain continued in his assessment.

“Slimane’s shown slightly more than Traore, but it’s really not a high bar.

“Traore is clearly far too weak to play at this level, and he did so often look like a kid coming on and he did so often look like a kid coming on and Slimane hasn’t been fancied by either manager now, and hasn’t really offered anything when he has come on.

“So yeah, I’d let both go. I think there’s definitely better players out there more suited to play in the Championship for us next year.”

With our fan pundit open to any reported departures, it will be fascinating to see what occurs in the next weeks and months.

Sheffield United will be eager to recuperate any transfer money spent for players last summer, but whether they can do so remains to be seen.


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